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Walk of Life 2

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https://soundcloud.com/user-874978965-665550188/sets/walk-of-life-2, a playlist on #SoundCloud.

About :

This music project is about mental health and the development of the mind.

Understanding that in order deal with reality you have to equip yourself with the proper tools to do so. Creating music is a tool I use to deal with the beautiful and ugly reality.

Creating music and merch enables me to embrace what comes my way and gives me an outlet to express what came.

The name “Walk of Life 2” was inspired by my best friend who’s also a music artist, that goes by the name Monty B., who’s 6th music project “The Walk of Life” never released due to unexpected mental health issues that caused him to go astray from the music.

Me dealing with my own mental health issues found solace in going for long walks, creating music and merch. 

WALK OF LIFE 2 inspired by Monty B.

i. Tell MyStory

ii. Only in Dreams

iii. Til My Momma Rich

iv. Killing Me

v. Put it in a Leaf

vi. Triple Kanji

vii. Lose Sight

viii. Purple Reign Drops

ix. Never Gravy

x. Chance

xi. Mustaqim

xii. Catch Some Z's

xiii. Fortune

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