Juneteenth Pan African T-Shirt


Juneteenth Pan African T-Shirt

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Did you know?

Most freedpeople weren't terribly interested in staying with the people who had enslaved them, even if the pay was involved. In fact, some were leaving before Granger had finished making the announcement. What followed became known as "the scatter,," when droves of formerly enslaved people left the state to find family members or more welcoming accommodations in northern regions.

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Heritage Hill Sweatshirts and Tees are made to feel like you’ve owned it forever and crafted so you actually can. Inspired by color block tops from the 1980s.     

Luxuriously crafted, pre-washed 100% hand-sewn cotton with a  tailored fit that accentuates your silhouette. 


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Sizing + Fit

Unisex T-Shirt



    • 100% Ring-Spun Soft Cotton
    • Hand sewn with a tailored fit
    • Embroidered Text
    • Machine wash
    • Low Dry

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