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Juneteenth Flag T-Shirt

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Heritage Hill



Local pickup available for those in the Cincinnati area

Cincinnati's 8th Hill

431 Elliott Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio 45215

Call: 5138188050

When I speak, I don't speak as a Democrat or a Republican. I speak as a victim of America's so-called democracy.

You and I have never seen democracy. All we've seen is hypocrisy. I’m not standing here speaking to you as an American, or a patriot, or a flag-saluter or a flag-waver – no, not I.

I’m speaking as a victim of this American system.  And I see America through the eyes of the victim.  I don’t see any American dream. I see an American nightmare.

Black victims of Americanism are waking up and they're gaining a new political consciousness.

- Malcolm X

I'm Bout Making My Ancestors Proud


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Unisex T-Shirt: cotton heritage 

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