Promoting equity

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have played a critical role in providing higher education opportunities for Black Americans, particularly in the era of segregation when they were often the only option for Black students. Today, HBCUs continue to serve a vital role in providing access to higher education for Black Americans, who often face systemic barriers to educational opportunities. By promoting and investing in HBCUs, the campaign can help address disparities in access to higher education and promote equity.

Supporting economic mobility

Education is a key driver of economic mobility, and HBCUs have a proven track record of providing pathways to economic success for their graduates. Studies have shown that HBCU graduates are more likely to have higher incomes and lower debt levels than graduates of other colleges and universities. By promoting and investing in HBCUs, the campaign can help support economic mobility for Black Americans.

Building community

HBCUs are more than just institutions of higher education – they are also hubs of cultural and social activity, and they play an important role in building community. By promoting and investing in HBCUs, the campaign can help strengthen and build communities of Black Americans, fostering a sense of pride and belonging.

Challenging stereotypes

Unfortunately, many people hold negative stereotypes about HBCUs and the students who attend them. By promoting and investing in HBCUs, the campaign can challenge these stereotypes and promote a more accurate and positive image of HBCUs and their students.

    Impact of the Campaign

    • We aim to increase enrollment in HBCUs, secure more funding for HBCUs, and improve economic outcomes for HBCU graduates.

    Keys to Success

    Corproate Sponsorship

    Partner with corporations that have a social impact mission around racial equity or economic justice. Identify companies that have a strong commitment to social justice and economic equity, and reach out to them to explore potential partnerships. This could involve co-branded merchandise or joint events, as well as opportunities for cross-promotion and social media exposure.

    Community Outreach and Engagement

    Building a strong sense of community and engagement among target audiences can be key to the success of the campaign. This could involve partnering with HBCUs and other organizations to create joint initiatives and events, as well as engaging with key influencers and thought leaders in the Black community.

    Digital Marketing and Social Media

    Creating a strong digital presence and utilizing social media to raise awareness of the campaign and engage with target audiences can be critical to success. This could involve creating compelling multimedia content that highlights the importance of HBCUs and celebrates Black culture, as well as leveraging social media platforms to promote events, merchandise, and other campaign activities.

    Merchandise and Educational Resources

    Offering a range of high-quality merchandise and educational resources that promote awareness and understanding of Black culture and history can help to create a sense of community and belonging among target audiences. This could include a wide range of products, such as clothing, books, documentaries, and other materials. 


    Example Merchandise Items


    Potential Social Impact

    Entrepreneurial Fund: This fund could provide seed capital to Black entrepreneurs who are either HBCU alumni or have ties to HBCUs. The fund could be administered by Heritage Hill, and could provide a range of resources and support to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and achieve their goals. This could include mentorship, networking opportunities, and other resources to help entrepreneurs succeed.

    HBCU Scholarship Fund: This fund could provide financial support to HBCU students who are pursuing a range of academic disciplines. The fund could be administered by Heritage Hill, and could provide scholarships and other financial support to help students succeed academically and achieve their goals. This could include support for tuition, room and board, textbooks, and other expenses associated with attending college.




      List of Historically Black Colleges & Universities 

      Alabama A&M University Grambling State University Paine College
      Alabama State University Hampton University Paul Quinn College
      Albany State University Harris-Stowe State University Philander Smith College
      Alcorn State University Howard University Prairie View A&M University
      Allen University Huston-Tillotson University Rust College
      American Baptist College Jackson State University Savannah State University
      University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Jarvis Christian College Selma University
      Arkansas Baptist College Johnson C. Smith University Shaw University
      Barber-Scotia College Kentucky State University Simmons College of Kentucky
      Benedict College Lane College South Carolina State University
      Bennett College Langston University Southern University and A&M College
      Bethune-Cookman University LeMoyne-Owen College Spelman College
      Bluefield State College The Lincoln University St. Augustine's University
      Bowie State University Lincoln University Stillman College
      Central State University Livingstone College Talladega College
      Cheyney University of Pennsylvania University of Maryland Eastern Shore Tennessee State University
      Claflin University Meharry Medical College Texas College
      Clark Atlanta University Miles College Texas Southern University
      Clinton College Mississippi Valley State University Tougaloo College
      Coppin State University Morehouse College Tuskegee University
      Delaware State University Morgan State University Virgin Islands, University of the
      Dillard University Morris Brown College Virginia State University
      University of the District of Columbia Morris College Virginia Union University
      Edward Waters University Norfolk State University Virginia University of Lynchburg
      Elizabeth City State University North Carolina A&T State University Voorhees University
      Fayetteville State University North Carolina Central University West Virginia State University
      Fisk University Oakwood University Wilberforce University
      Florida A&M University Wiley College
      Florida Memorial University Winston-Salem State University
      Fort Valley State University Xavier University of Louisiana