Hi. I'm Brandon.
I got laid off from my job back back in Feb of 2019.
Turned out to be a blessing. 

I decided that I wanted to create the company I would be proud to work for. If I was going to exchange my time for labor, it would at least be dignified work.

Our first product

I was talking to my moms and told her I just want to make my ancestors proud.
She said, "yeah, I'm bout making my ancestors proud" lol.

I grew up Pan-African. So putting the shirt on RBG was an easy connection for me.

This is the first picture I took for the brand. 
I set up my iphone in my driveway.
We started out in the basement making
making sweatshirts for my high school too.
I went to Withrow High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. 
I pledge Phi Beta Sigma in undergrad and made a shirt for the Zetas.
This ad went viral in my city.
And then we did Central State Homecoming.
Wilberforce, Tennessee State, Fisk, Ky State, Clark, FAMU all had request after.
Clark Alum were the first to really promote the site.
We did like 3 different designs before everyone decided on this one.
Then we started to outgrow the basement.
We did pop up shops at barber shops.
Got accepted into a Black owned business incubator. Pitched the idea of designer spirit-wear for black higher ed.
This ad went viral.
Now we have a whole community!
We are the most radical celebration of the African Diaspora!
2020 and beyond. Making my ancestors proud.
Let's connect.